Developing Women Leaders in Corporate America


Author: Alan T. Belasen Format: Hardcover Thinking Woman is proud to present “Developing Women Leaders in Corporate America”. Having to deal with multi-tasking roles on a daily basis, it is well known that women possess a far larger behavioral repertoire to deal with stress than men–an advantage in any crisis situation. “Developing Women Leaders in Corporate America: Balancing Competing Demands, Transcending Traditional Boundaries” focuses on the research-based Competing Values Framework (CVF), an organizing schema that enables leaders to assess empirically personal strengths and weaknesses, and analyze and manage organizational situations. This book will enable women leaders and managers, employers, company executives, leadership development consultants, business educators, HR directors, and trainers to reduce stereotyping associated with women in male-populated careers. The author also explains why women, more than men, possess characteristics that help ensure success in international assignments